Eurydice Performs


Though I had a cold and a cough, the opening night of Eurydice went well. The performance in the Little Theatre at Southwestern College was sold out so we added a few chairs to accommodate extra patrons. The director embraced a method of devising movement developed by the UK-based Frantic Assembly theatre company to incorporate non-realistic physicality into the show. We also did ensemble lifts and falls to bring the moments of “flight” to life. I was impressed with the energy that the student actors brought to the performance, something that undergraduates often seem to lack when approaching non-realistic work. The result was a show which was fun, dark, whimsical, deep, and light at the same time, mirroring the tone of the writing.

Whit as Father in Eurydice 4

Whit as Father in Eurydice 3

Whit as Father in Eurydice 2

Whit as Father in Eurydice 1