AAP and ATHE 2019 Orlando

The annual conferences of the Association for Asian Performance and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education were held in my hometown of Orlando this year. It was hot (not as hot as Boston last year) but the heat was worth it to hear all the new scholarship, reconnect with colleagues, and meet new friends.

I presented a paper pulled from a chapter of my dissertation (pic below). The paper focused on how the characters were depicted in an opera Zuni Icosahedron commissioned and produced in a Jesuit chapel in Hong Kong called The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci. The depiction of both character and music asked the audience to critically reconsider their relationship to performance. Interesting stuff!

Some of the panels I attended focused on new pedagogical ideas for teaching theatre history, discussions of new directions in immersive theatre, like Sleep No More and I made a special point to attend two workshops on the emerging field of stage intimacy direction. The conference was a great experience.

Presenting at AAP 2019 Orlando

Presenting at AAP 2019 Orlando

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