A New School Year Begins

It’s the beginning of a new semester here at IU and boy it is hot outside! Thankfully the classrooms are all air conditioned.

I have an enthusiastic group of students in my Script Analysis and Introduction to Theatre classes. This semester I have introduced Canvas-based reading quizzes and an all-electronic paper submission policy in order to facilitate student learning. Since the department will be producing the comedy Barbecue by Robert O’Hara, we will be reading it in Script Analysis in order to better understand the process of going from page to stage. I am excited to see where the semester takes us.

AAP and ATHE in Boston

Boston was boiling, with many days cracking the 90 degree marker but it was great to catch up with colleagues and friends at the annual AAP conference. I particularly enjoyed the performance workshop on dance moves from the Kabuki play Maiden at Dojoji. During the ATHE conference itself I presented a paper covering two quite different Chinese theatrical adaptations of Lao She’s satirical novel Cat Country as part of a panel on science fiction theatre. We had a good audience at the panel but the best part came afterwards when professor Sarah Bay-Cheng stopped me in the hall to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Ego boost! Of course, I also made sure to enjoy some authentic dimsum with friends in Chinatown–something of a rarity in Indiana. Amongst IU graduate students the consensus seemed to be that the heat was brutal but the conference was great.