Presenting at AAP in Las Vegas, Baby!

I was a bit jet lagged after flying direct from Hong Kong to Las Vegas (first time in Vegas, baby!), but I had a fantastic time presenting a paper I had written on the Hong Kong avant-garde theatre group Zuni Icosahedron. It was great to reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones too! As AAP’s grad rep, I was tasked with running the grad student events: a pre-conference meetup, a mentor lunch, and the post-schmoozefest grad student cocktail time- affectionately called the “grad student drinky-poo.” A good time was had by all. The contingent of grad students from Hawai’i were lovely to meet and they all presented interesting scholarship as well. I managed to see one Cirque du Soleil show- but alas- I shall have to see more the next time I’m in Vegas!

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