End of the Summer

With colleagues Eury and Jon at Schwartz Smoked Meats

With colleagues Eury and Jon at Schwartz Smoked Meats

I’ve been a busy little bee this summer so I haven’t had the time to post updates here. The Rep shows at IU were fantastic! I played seven roles over two shows, which is what I enjoy. Embodying a different physicality for each character (informed by the costume) helped me keep them separate and distinct. It was great to do the plays in true repertory style, switching the shows every day. It was a small taste of what actors during Shakespeare’s time (and many other time periods) had to do.

The annual ATHE and AAP conference in Montreal was fantastic. I got to renew old friendships, meet new people, and hear the most cutting edge research in theatre and performance studies today. I presented on a Chinese play I had translated with help of my colleagues at IU and got several people pretty interested in my work. Maybe I’ll do a staged reading at IU in the fall.

The other great news is that I passed my second comp exam! This one covered Shakespeare, Moliere, Lope de Vega, Sheridan, Racine, and many others. Comps are a great chance to read a bunch of history and plays from one period, letting you find what you like and don’t like. Two down, two to go!

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