Busy with Dancing

Dance and period movement rehearsals have started for Pride and Prejudice. It’s such fun to take part in the Regency English country dances, and learning about which postures and gestures were done by the different classes in 1813 is a delight. I have started a character twitter marketing campaign where we tweet as our characters. You can check me out: @unclegardiner

Settling in at IU and Rehearsing Pride and Prejudice

I finally got a chance to update my site blog here after several busy weeks at Indiana University. My apartment is finally all set up the way I want it to be now and I have established a routine for my classes. I have a class every weekday. Saturday I go grocery shopping.

Pride and Prejudice rehearsals are coming along. We are off-book for act 1 and are working act 2. The dance rehearsals start next week (gulp)! The cast and crew are all very nice. Through my work with the marketing department, we have started doing character tweets as a way to promote the show. I think it will be a lot of fun and I know it will be a great way to reach a whole new audience with Jane Austen’s classic work.

The show performs from November 7th to the 15th. Further updates to come!