Long Overdue Update 2/2

Continuing the update! Before, during, and after Oliver! I worked with Drew on a new episode of the web series “Lifers.”  In this episode my character was written  out of the show since I will be moving to Indiana to begin my PhD in Theatre! We shot the final scenes on a mini golf course in the bright Florida sunshine and 95 degree heat. Whoo! Won’t be missing that in Indiana.

Next I headed out to AAP and ATHE conferences in Scottsdale, AZ. It was my first time in the desert and I had a great time. Met up with Dr. Siyuan Liu and made a bunch of great friends. Several of the panels were interesting, especially one on native performance with Haley Honeman. I presented with Janet Raskin on a panel about using theatre to teach Chinese speakers English and the production of Romeo and Juliet I directed in China in 2008. What fun!

Finally, I am finishing up my preparations to move to Bloomington, Indiana to begin the PhD this fall. It is gong to be a lot of work but also a ton of fun!



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