Long Overdue Update 1/2

Wow! I haven’t updated the site in a while because I have been busy with projects this summer! Lets get started:

The Aqua Saga was a great success at the Orlando Fringe Festival! We had a sold out show as well as winning Patron’s Pick for the Purple venue and the Daily City’s Audience Choice Award for the Purple Venue! It was tons of fun to work with the cast and we had an epic cast party of grilled cheese at Toasted.


The Aqua Saga Curtain Call at Fringe

Next, I was cast in a production of Oliver! produced by Starving Artist Studios. I played Oliver’s grandfather, Mr. Brownlow. It was my first time working with kids and also my first time using a mic in performance. It was a really cute show with over 30 people in the cast and a live orchestra of over 25 people!

Oliver! Cast Hanging Out

Oliver! Cast Hanging Out

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