The Aqua Saga at Orlando Fringe Opens!

Wow! The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, excitement, and fun! The Aqua Saga opened on Thursday the 15th and audiences have been loving it! Our preview on the 10th had some press in attendance and we got pretty good reviews! Check out the links below from The Orlando Sentinel, Watermark, and Orlando:,0,7486952.story

We even got indirectly mentioned in a article on American Fringe Festivals! “A play about a soul-searching Aqua Man.”

I am so excited over all this good press, but am more excited that audiences are leaving with smiles on their faces!

Check out this pic with Bruce and Ahmed from the opening scene on opening night:

he Aqua Saga Opening Night

The Aqua Saga Opening Night

Prep for Tech of The Aqua Saga

We have eight days until Tech rehearsal and my crew and I am finalizing our technical needs. The lighting design will be pretty simple and I have already started working on the sound design. We have secured almost all of our set and props. I also got the press releases done and our Aqua Saga website up, click over and have a look:

Big thanks to Joseph for help on that one! I hope we get a good turn out for the show. The Aqua Saga opens at Fringe on May 15th at 8:30pm in the Purple Venue.

Check out a quick selfie we took with the cast and crew!

Aqua Saga Selfie

Aqua Saga Selfie