Heading to Canada

I’m just getting prepped for my presentation at the TUGS 2013 symposium at the University of British Columbia. It will be my first time visiting Canada and I am really excited about it. I will get to check out the University and see “Hollywood North” Vancouver. I will also meet with some professors about their Theatre PhD program. I’m only there for 3 days so it will be a quick trip, but an important one.

Lifers Episodes 1-3 principal photography done!

We got the principal photography for Lifers Eps 1-3 done this weekend. It was great to slip into character as the mean boss Kenny once again. Some of my ad-libs even made it into the script! It was tons of fun and a pleasure as always working with Drew and Rick. It looks like we will be doing some pick-up shots on location later this month but all of the heavy work has been done.

Lifers Episodes 1-3

Looking forward to shooting new episodes of the webseries Lifers with Drew and Mike. I get to play Kenny, the horrible, angry (and funny) boss. It should be up on Youtube and various websites (including this one) by Fall 2013.